The Last Phoenix


The last Phoenix in its most complicated adventure


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The Last Phoenix is an action game that employs similar gameplay to those classic arcade flight-simulators. But this time, you're wearing the feathers of the last Phoenix in its fight against other mythological birds. You'll face off against these creatures with the help of your talons and special attacks.

Now, although you'll have to confront many enemies, your main object in the game is to restore life and color to the world. So you'll need to complete a series of missions within each level, none of which are very easy thanks to the constant attacks of your foes.

The game's levels are quite big and give you a lot of freedom to explore, soaring around the sky, fighting enemies, and discovering secrets.

And this is the best part of The Last Phoenix: the freedom of movement that your Phoenix enjoys. You can launch charge attacks that turn your protagonist into a streak of mortal fire, or attack with your talons to destabilize anyone else in the air. There are even special attacks that unleash firestorms capable of burning the scene to a crisp.

Graphically, The Last Phoenix is truly impressive. Correct use of the Unreal Engine has made the game attractive, with spectacular animations for the birds, all of which combines to leave you awe-struck,

The Last Phoenix is a fun, beautiful game that presents a pretty original concept - maybe somewhere between Okami and Il-2 Sturmovik.
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